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  • Weekly Meal Plans
  • Programmed Exercise
  • Personalised Support
  • Starts 11th January 2016
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Weekly Sessions


FFF Running Clinic

Our “Running Clinic” is designed for runners and aspiring runners of all levels. They are held at least once per week on a Monday and commence at 5:30pm.


FFF Baby Bootcamp

Our “Baby Boot Camp” runs once a week on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm for 45 mins, and is intended for people starting out on their fitness journey.


FFF Boot Camp

Our “Boot Camp” runs once a week on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm for an hour, and is open to everyone who has already made some progress towards getting fit.


FFF Fit Kids

These sessions are designed to get the kids outdoors and learning basic movements, so eventually they can join one of the other sessions.


FFF Weekend Body Blitz

Our weekend Body Blitz is a 90 min workout, focusing on overall body conditioning. The workout is held outdoors generally at one of the parks.


Personal Training

My Personal Training sessions can be run in the Park, your Home or my gym, the choice is yours. Normally each session lasts for an hour.