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All of these people have either been part of our previous FFF Challenges, participated in the
Group Training sessions or been Personally Trained by Philippa.

Dani Buckingham


Meeting Pippa and signing up to my first FFF 12 week challenge was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have struggled with my weight for several years and had limited success with diets and exercising. I have now done 2 12 week challenges and been a regular boot camp and running clinic attendee. The exercise organised by Pippa along with her non-faddy, sensible eating plans have meant that I have been able to lose nearly ...more...

Tim Buckingham


Let's start by saying 'I'm not a runner', never have been. When I first met Pippa I thought 'wow I'll have to get fit before I can go to her classes'. I was wrong, she is amazing, she quickly spots where your fitness level is (if you have one) and pushes you just beyond your capability.

There is no prejudice or expectation, just a desire to help you achieve your goals.
So now as Pippa's friend and student I can ...more...


Teacher in Brunei

I have been going to the gym on and off for about ten years and had even done some running as well, over the years. However, although I would start off full of enthusiasm, inevitably this would wane and I would be dragging myself to the gym and feeling guilt if I didn't go. My training was boring and monotonous as I didn't know what I was doing. I couldn't really see a lot of changes or even results, and while I wasn't despera ...more...

Hilary Ward

Past FFF 12 Week Challenge Participant - Abu Dhabi

I decided to join Pippa’s FFF challenge in September 2013 just to see what would happen really. A few of my friends were doing it and I knew I wasn’t eating that well or doing much exercise so thought it might motivate me. I had heard bits of Pippa’s story and was curious but honestly assumed it either wouldn’t do much for me or that I wouldn’t stick at it!

I was 9 stone 10 (62kilos) after 4 babies and 38 ...more...

Nicola Lawrence


Quite simply, Pip got me out of an exercise rut. I was doing the obligatory Bukit Shahbandar once a week and I was even dragging myself to the gym and completing what I thought was "challenging exercise" but nothing was changing. By nothing I mean my body shape and the way I felt. However, I'd been seeing Pip's Fit, Fast and Fabulous page pop up on Facebook news feeds for a while and I finally decided to send her a message ask ...more...

Moana O'Sullivan

Teacher - Brunei

After eleven years of parenting, four years of full-time study and working full time while single handedly carving out a sustainable life for my child and myself, there had not been a lot of spare time in my life to actually give myself an hour a day to take care of myself with good nutrition and exercise When I said I was time poor to friends who were on the exercise bandwagon, I really meant it!

After coming to B ...more...

Michelle Ryznar


Everyone has to start somewhere. I couldn't run round the track once without stopping when I started with FFF - it can feel really daunting but once you make that step to start and you realise that everyone who goes is friendly, supportive and fun, you soon fit in and before you know it you are having fun getting fit together with new friends! And Pippa is supper encouraging and will make you realise what you can achieve! Just ...more...

Zoe Burkitt

- Brunei

I agree with so much of what the others have written here Pippa, it's a real have a go group, and we are all prepared to laugh and cry together when things go really well or really badly. Both the boot camp and running clinics really are adjustable to all levels for those who are prepared to give it a go. You will get out at least, and usually more, than what you put in because of the comradery and support. I knew whilst I was ...more...

Sam Clark

- Shanghai

Where to start! I could write an essay too! I procrastinated with the exact same thoughts. I ummed and I ahhhed.....I wasn't very fit, I definitely wasn't fast and I didn't feel very fabulous! I couldn't even manage more than a few squats on the first night!

Finally I bit the bullet, I've never looked back and kick myself for wasting my time worrying in the first place!

From the get-go I was warmly we ...more...

Angela Mann

Jerodong International School - Brunei

Pippa is amazing and whatever your goals are she will work with you to achieve them. She will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to be the best person that you want to be. She will never give up on you and will always be there to give you the encouragement you need to reach your target weight / level of fitness.

Her dedication and commitment to her 12 week FFF programme is truly admirable ...more...

Annabel Morley

- Brunei

Oh gosh, I could write an essay! I felt exactly as you describe for ages but eventually decided to do it and I only experienced encouragement, friendliness and camaraderie. I also knew that Pippa, who is now superhero fit, was not always so, and thus really understands the journey that everyone goes through, I think this makes a big difference.
Also if this person would like a non fit, extremely non skinny person for com ...more...

Jessie Pang

- Brunei

A support buddy/network is always a great thing to have when embarking on any fitness journey and that's something you will definitely have with Pippa and FFF. We all think we can't and Pippa shows us we can and more!! She truly cares and commits herself to getting you where you want to be ...more...