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Teacher - Brunei

After eleven years of parenting, four years of full-time study and working full time while single handedly carving out a sustainable life for my child and myself, there had not been a lot of spare time in my life to actually give myself an hour a day to take care of myself with good nutrition and exercise When I said I was time poor to friends who were on the exercise bandwagon, I really meant it!

After coming to Brunei, I was sucked into a huge vortex required phenomenal amounts of time in order to create the resources needed to actually do the job that I was brought here to do. Weight piled on and gradually my health declined After a great mid-year holiday in 2014 where I had the opportunity to jump back into scuba diving, and introducing my child to the underwater world, I decided enough was enough! I wanted to dive again and be in good shape for it A girlfriend had told me how keen she was to participate in one of Pippa Morrison's Fit Fast and Fabulous programs and asked if I would do it with her "Ok, why not? I'm tired of carrying the extra weight, being the most unfit I have ever been in my life and I want to do amazing dive adventures with my son as he grows Sure, let's do it!"

From that time - September 2014, I have participated in two rounds of the Fit Fast and Fabulous 12 week programs, started running again (after close to 15 years!), lost 24kg, changed my body profile, am running in two half marathons in 2015 (one Brunei beach challenge trail run and one in Angkor Wat, Cambodia) but best of all - have had the best diving holiday in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia with my son this year! It's not even been a full 12 months yet!

So, if you are in that place, where you have the intrinsic motivation to start your weight loss / fitness / body transformation journey then finding the catalyst to start turning the wheels is paramount Pippa was that catalyst for me and thanks to her guidance, discipline and encouragement I'm steaming along and on track with all my goals I continue on with Pip outside of the 12 week programs by attending her weekly Run Clinic and Boot Camp classes They form part of the essential foundations of my weekly training

At the end of the day, there is nothing you lose by starting, but everything to lose if you never start Choosing to join my friend in Pippa's Fit Fast and Fabulous programme last September 2014 was the best decision I have made for my health and well being since I became a parent and gave my all to my child Now, I not only am the best parent I can be but I am also in the best health I can be and it feels great!