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Quite simply, Pip got me out of an exercise rut. I was doing the obligatory Bukit Shahbandar once a week and I was even dragging myself to the gym and completing what I thought was "challenging exercise" but nothing was changing. By nothing I mean my body shape and the way I felt. However, I'd been seeing Pip's Fit, Fast and Fabulous page pop up on Facebook news feeds for a while and I finally decided to send her a message asking if I could go to her group outdoor session…

For the first 2 months I kept my new exercise habits a secret because I felt I was still learning and Pip has always been incredibly discrete. In fact, I only established one of my close friends was also having Personal Training sessions with her on a night out when we both commented how good each other was looking, with a glint in our eyes we confessed our time spent with Pip! Being in Brunei has made me value my privacy even more and it was so reassuring to know that Pip respected that.

Pip took time to understand my work and daily habits when we first met to talk about PT, this was so important as it helped Pip develop a realistic plan of action for me to work at, rather than a 24/7 regime that would be impossible to keep up. She also didn't change everything at once; Bukit Shabandar stayed, but alternated with strength work and circuits. She identified my competitive streak and played it to her advantage to set challenging but achievable workouts, which ultimately kept me motivated to keep working hard. 

Starting a new exercise regime has its ups and downs and it takes time to establish what works for you. Pip made the effort to understand and ask questions in between sessions to ensure I was on the right track. Her support kept me going on those weeks where you are convinced "nothing is working" and "what is the point?" She would remind me of how far I'd come, rather than letting me focus on where I was trying to go. The breaking down of goals into achievable targets has made the whole process easier to follow and also allowing me to take time to feel proud of myself along the way. Don't get me wrong, it isn't easy, I work hard, I curse, I sweat - a lot, but I do see the results from my hard work and that is the difference. My exercise has a structure and purpose, rather than just doing. 

I used to think those people who said a commitment to keeping fit was a lifestyle choice were a bit odd. Unfortunately they are also right. Over 3 months, I have gone from dragging myself to the gym, to using it as a reward for marking a set of books! Somehow without me even realising Pip's enthusiasm for taking me on this journey has been transferred. And now despite the grief I give and names I call her during training, I do secretly enjoy it and I am making different lifestyle choices. And without trying to be a bit corny, I am definitely faster, without a doubt fitter and I do feel fabulous as a result.

Thanks, Pip. I am well and truly out of my rut and you’ve created an exercise demon! x

Message from the Husband :
Training with Pip has given her more confidence in herself, despite me thinking she looked great anyway! She might not notice it, but she has more energy and is a lot more tolerant of me! The exercise is definitely giving her a better work/life balance. I have a happier wife… keep training!