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Teacher in Brunei

I have been going to the gym on and off for about ten years and had even done some running as well, over the years. However, although I would start off full of enthusiasm, inevitably this would wane and I would be dragging myself to the gym and feeling guilt if I didn't go. My training was boring and monotonous as I didn't know what I was doing. I couldn't really see a lot of changes or even results, and while I wasn't desperately unfit, I certainly wasn't a great advert for going to the gym either. The weights section of the gym scared me and I didn’t venture into that area as I feared that I would gain enormous muscles.

Eventually, when complaining to a friend that I felt I was getting bigger through exercise, not smaller, she recommended I contact Pippa. This was the best advice I could have had. Pippa began by taking measurements (and weight if this is what you want) and assessing my basic fitness. She listened carefully, asked lots of questions about what I hoped to achieve and how much exercise I could realistically fit into my life and so began my fitness journey!

Three months later, I can honestly say I am a convert and that exercise has simply become a part of my life. I never drag myself to the gym, in fact I am always keen to go. Pippa has designed interesting and challenging workouts for me which are always different.

She is enthusiastic and encouraging and pushes me far harder than I would ever push myself, and all done with a smile on her face.

She has helped me believe in myself and she is always reminding me how far I have come and inspiring me to achieve more. By taking measurements and assessing my fitness, I have been able to see progress and this has been so rewarding and helped motivate me on those occasions when I am struggling.

I see Pippa once a week and am always keen to go away and practise the routines she has taught me that week. This has also helped keep me motivated. Pippa has taught me not to be scared of weights and about how they burn fat. Through using them correctly, I have noticed huge changes in my body.

Pippa is knowledgeable about fitness and exercise and is endlessly patient with me as I often struggle to master new routines! As well as having personal training, I have been to her fitness classes and now her running clinic and enjoy all these sessions.

Pippa is always professional and is also discreet, something to be valued in a small community like Brunei. The only way people knew I was training with her was because I told them, or sang her praises when people commented on my changing shape. Exercise is not just about feeling fit, it is also helped me feel less stressed, help me sleep well and given me more energy. This is not to say that it isn’t hard work - it is, but it has been very rewarding and worth every ache and pain on the way!

Clare Piper