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- Shanghai

Where to start! I could write an essay too! I procrastinated with the exact same thoughts. I ummed and I ahhhed.....I wasn't very fit, I definitely wasn't fast and I didn't feel very fabulous! I couldn't even manage more than a few squats on the first night!

Finally I bit the bullet, I've never looked back and kick myself for wasting my time worrying in the first place!

From the get-go I was warmly welcomed and supported, incl from those I had just met! Pippa walks the talk, she IS fitness, she's encouraging, supportive, confidential, dedicated, understanding...and a tad ball-breaking in truly the best and nicest way possible! She kicked my blobby everything into shape in no time.

If I hadn't of left Brunei I'd still be at every class (I really miss them) not only for fitness etc but for the awesome company and friends I made. DON'T do as I did and procrastinate, no need to be nervous, we all started somewhere, as did Pippa, and we are all doing it for similar reasons. GO FOR IT!!

I promise you won't look back...well...accept, maybe, to admire that finely shaped arse that you just achieve!