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Meeting Pippa and signing up to my first FFF 12 week challenge was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have struggled with my weight for several years and had limited success with diets and exercising. I have now done 2 12 week challenges and been a regular boot camp and running clinic attendee. The exercise organised by Pippa along with her non-faddy, sensible eating plans have meant that I have been able to lose nearly twice the weight I have ever lost before on any other 'diet' and I have kept it off.

What Pippa has given me is actually a change in my way of thinking and the way I approach food. She has also given me real motivation and enthusiasm for exercise. She is extremely supportive, non-judgmental and certainly not patronising. She tailors her expectations of you to what you are capable of, and then just gives you that push that you need.

Her continual support in and around meetings and exercise sessions is invaluable, as is the support network that forms with the other attendees. The group dynamic and motivation is second to none. I can't recommend Pippa and FFF highly enough.

20kg down and still going......